The wound is the place where the light enters you.


I pride myself on providing care that elicits feelings of safety and acceptance while also empowering you to make the changes you wish to.


Areas I am passionate about working with:

Couple’s Counseling
Conscious Separation
Consensual Non-Monogamy
Culturally Diverse Relationships
Diverse Relationship Styles
Emotion Work
Family Conflict
Family Planning
Highly Sensitive People

Infidelity Recovery
Premarital Counseling
Preventative Counseling
Relationship Coaching
Self-Esteem/ Self-Identity
Sexual Concerns
Sexual/ Gender Identity
Women’s Health

Reasons To Seek Couple’s Counseling

Many couples seek counseling years after the problem in their relationship starts. Premarital /preventative counseling can help couples to strengthen their relationship long before it ever begins to break down. I love working with couples preventatively in order to help them build a more solid emotional foundation and more effective communication style.

Couples also seek counseling when they are dealing with frequent miscommunications and fall into patterns of arguing. These couples benefit greatly from therapy as they are able to build an increase in understanding and awareness in their relationship.

Some relationships are impacted by infidelity, sexual issues, or grief; leaving all members feeling hopeless. While there are many issues that may cause a couple to feel fearful for the state of their relationship, often times, they are able to create a stronger relationship after enduring adversity. I am always hopeful for the couples that I work with.

Even still, other couples feel ambivalent about the future of their relationship. Couple’s counseling can help couples discern what each member really wants and helps them to work mindfully towards that.

Lastly, some couple’s choose to participate in couple’s therapy in order to separate in a way that is more mindful, caring, conscious, and kind. Regardless of the reason, I am here to listen to your specific concerns and support you and your partner(s) through the therapeutic process.

Reasons To Seek Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is talk therapy that is focused on addressing dysfunction, pain, and emotional/ mental blocks to your sexual wellness. Sex therapy also often includes deepening of the intimacy within an established couple. Anxiety, depression, surgeries, medications, childbirth, and aging can all impact your sex life. This therapy can help you to reclaim your sexuality and experience the passion you desire.

What It Means To Work With A Dating Coach

One-on-one coaching surrounding dating helps you to bring into your life the love that you want. We will work together to get clear about the type of partner you want. We will also get real about the things that have not been working for you. Together, we will work towards embodying the healthiest version of yourself and building an authentic connection with someone that you love.