Helping Couples Achieve A Harmonious and Passionate Intimate Relationship.

Starting now, you can begin a new journey toward growth, holistic well-being, radical acceptance, and self-empowerment.

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Couple’s Counselor Specializing in Sex Therapy & Relationship Coaching.

As a professional therapist, I am here to help you create more self-awareness, feel empowered, and embody the best version of yourself.

My philosophy is that healing lies within our connection to others. The therapeutic relationship we create together will help to foster that healing. I seek to help clients strengthen their relationships with themselves as well as with others.

I am a straight-forward counselor that counsels from an attachment theory lens. This means I take a warm approach while also being actively engaged in your growth during session.

I will challenge you in our work together to approach your life in a different way than you have before. I speak both emotion and logic—which essential in working with couples, as opposites often attract.

I’m goofy and love to laugh. Therapy needs to be a place of fun and safety just as much as it is a place to deal with hard emotions. You can expect both to come up within a typical session with me.

While I don’t subscribe to any particular religious belief, I am spiritual and believe in the power of living a life of gratitude and intention. If you would like to explore spirituality in session, you are welcome to. If spirituality is not of interest to you then our sessions will not include it.

I received my Bachelors in Psychology and my Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling. Within my internship, I worked under a sex therapist seeing clients who dealt with relational and sexual concerns. I have followed my passion for this specialty by pursing continued training with Sexual Health Alliance.

While I use a variety of techniques in session including inner child work and authentic self work, my approach most often draws from Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), Attachment Theory, and Psycho-dynamic theory.

I practice locally in Denver and online for residents of Washington and Colorado state.
I can often be found on a hike or curled up with a good book depending on the day. I value self-growth and self-care, two principles I also encourage within my clients.

Contact me either by email or by filling out the form on my ‘contact’ page. I look forward to working with you!